Fischer + Ruckle

Fisher+Ruckle machinery has been deployed for the cutting, gluing and splicing of sliced Natural Decorative Veneers. The jointing machine ensures high cutting quality and perfect squared-edge cuts of the veneer bundles. Automatic glue application happens within the jointing machine on the perfectly cut edge to ensure an absolute even glue application along the edges. The bundle then passes through a fanning machine that separates the edges and allows the glue to settle and achieve viscosity. The splicing machine, one of its kind in India, is used for hi-speed crossfeed splicing of veneer, which ensures perfect joints for high and consistent product quality.

The edge gluing method followed for Naturemax, ensures a perfect and seamless joint between two pieces with no gaps at all. The process allows us to make seamless natural veneers.

WTT -Wood Treatment Technology

The dark tone of decorative veneers in our fumed collection is achieved through Greenpanel's state-of-the-art WTT. Veneers are fumed by exposing the veneer flitches to heat and vacuum with the use of certain chemicals and salts. The presence of tannin in the wood allows the veneers to absorb the heat and chemical treatment. This process allows the treatment to deeply penetrate into the veneer producing a rich, permanent colour that varies by species. This gives us the tone controlling power, where we can make it strong dark, medium dark or light dark basis our requirement.